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What is this Björnstarter-Thing?
The Björn is a creative online communication specialist and can be hired in Berlin. He would also be available for other cities, depending on the backers and offers.

A real seventies Björn
Yes, it is! Born in 1974, he was named after the Swedish singer of the band ABBA, Björn Ulvaeus or maybe after the tennis player Björn Borg, who knows? He can sing and play the guitar, but he neither plays tennis nor speaks Swedish. Anyhow, his initials are BB, which makes a damn cool acronym. His middle name will remain secret until the crowdbjörning is over. Maybe by then it will be revealed through printing it on a shirt. Maybe.

When will the Björn be available?
The Björn is available from 1st of September 2013 on, after the crowdbjörning is over. Of course you can order a test run or an interview in advance. But nevertheless, you should become a backer or pledge a share for this project and maybe get one of the shirts with the secret middle name of The Björn. Maybe.


  • hight: 5.87 feet
  • weight: 176 lbs
  • age: 38
  • 2 arms
  • 2 legs
  • head with hair
  • face with nose, optional with glasses or lenses
  • energy supply: runs on a good mixture of red pepper salami pizza, burger, green tea and well balanced organic food stuff
  • SPECIAL: will be delivered DRESSED
  • further details and API for software developers available on request


  • 20 years of experience: developing and implementing creative concepts, finding creative solutions, writing creative texts
  • 15 years of experience: communication, project management, marketing, presenting and creating presentations
  • 4 years of experience: consulting for online communication and online marketing, strategic planning for online communication
  • 3 years of experience: workshops and trainings for social media / digital communication
  • 2 years of experience: project management for software development
  • 7 months of experience: agile project management with Srcum (certified)
  • works with Mac OSX, app for iOS and Android in progress
  • IMPORTANT: to achieve the optimum performance, The Björn needs a good mixture of praise and constructive criticism


  • Magister Artium: Cultural Studies and Theatre Studies / Cultural Communication, Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Intermediate Examination: Social Pedagogy

Special Features

  • 20 years of experience: singing, playing the guitar, writing songs, stage performance
  • participation Kontaktstudiengang Popularmusik (2005)
  • 10 years of experience: artistic projects
  • 7 years of experience: developing and implementing scripts, dramaturgy
  • acting experiences, also improvisational theater
  • fond of cooking
  • friend of squash, jogging, yoga and meditation

Further Information


Is this real?
Yes, this is real! I am Björn, I literally made myself for the last 20 years. I became a professional in creativity and communication, but I’m also an expert for online communication. This site is an example of the way I work, in order to give you an impression of my creative thinking. Certainly, I’ll have to admit that I didn’t write the code myself – I am not a coder. I created the content for the site, the movie, organized everything – in short, I am behind the creative concept and project management for the whole thing. But back to business, my request is serious. I am looking for a new job in a company where both real creativity and understanding of the internet are needed. It should be Berlin based, but I don’t want to exclude other cities or countries. Just get in touch, become a backer or share this site.



I did this all on my own, except a few things. A big hug an thank-you goes out to: Emöke Horváth for coding the CSS, Fabian for lending the camera, Anya and Liesa for help with translation